Eddie Perfect In ‘The Beast’ Is One Of Melbourne’s Must-Sees

Dark comedy: I love it. It allows us to look at the worst parts of ourselves and find the humour in the darkness. Eddie Perfect’s The Beast affords the audience this freedom by showing us our fears, our greed, our lust, our pride, and acknowledging the reality and inevitability of it all.

Perfect stars in The Beast alongside a cast of established and supremely talented Australian stage and television actors and an extremely likeable cow. The melodramatic and farcical performance style of the piece serves to heighten the reality of the content, enabling the audience to identify with the six middle-class, tree-changers on stage. The humour however, comes from Perfect’s frank writing style and the cast’s ability to deliver.

Eddie Perfect The Beast Melbourne THE F 2

You can help but feel a familiar unease seeing the six ‘friends’ at a dinner party, trying to outdo and one-up each other with their knowledge and mastery of wine and the current food trends. However a favourite moment by far was when the very talented Peter Houghton – who played four characters in the course of the play – told the audience to stop talking about being vegetarians and just eat vegetables!

It was these moments that helped drive the play and provide a night of entertainment that was both hilarious in parts, and reflective in others.

‘The Beast’ is showing at The Comedy Theatre in Melbourne until the 10th of September 2016, tickets available through Ticketmaster.

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