While what I know about makeup and its application is limited, I know that it’s a combination of two key aspects that either make your face glow and attract attention, or dim and turn people away, giving that albeit dreaded ‘I’ve just come down with a bout of tonsillitis’ look. Not good.

Aspect one is the makeup itself. Pay peanuts, get rubbish. Good makeup is key to a good look – that’s not to say makeup is the be all and end all of facial beauty, but you get my meaning. The better product you willingly smear across your brow, the better you’re going to look and the better care it’s going to take of your skin while it’s working its aesthetic magic. Price is reflective of the time spent in the production of the product itself as well as the science behind each of the compacts, foundations, powders, blushes, whatever.

The second aspect, and in this scenario most important, comes down to the tools with which we apply this makeup to our face.

In true style for the current day trend toward all things natural, green and environmentally friendly, Ecotools’ array of apparatus for application of cake faces the city-over hits the nail right on the head.

Ergonomically designed bamboo handles and the softest of soft taklon bristles (hard to believe given they’re a synthetic fibre) make-up the blush brush, which I’ve had the pleasure of trying on my face. This is where the unfamiliarity with makeup and its application bit comes-in. The even bristle distribution throughout the head of the brush makes for the most even application of not necessarily blush, but bronzer and foundation, also.

A winner hands down.


Ecotools 2 Ecotools 3


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