Eating With The Dutchess In Melbourne

Imagine classy upper side Manhattan. Edgy, sexy, and decadent. City lights and good wine. Enter the secret elevator from the famous Duke of Wellington on Flinders Street, and prepared to be bedazzled. Dutchess is a sensual new restaurant that is prepared to impress Melburnians with its luxurious edge. Indulging in seductive cocktails, select wines and sophisticated spirits excite your senses. Delicately presented four-course buffets has never been a more beautiful experience, with brilliant CBD views surrounding you.

Asparagus and quail egg

BarFrom delectable entrees and petite main courses, everything about Dutchess screams luxury. Exquisite international options intertwining with local produce screams match made in heaven. On a Wednesday night, treat yourself and your eyes with meals such as asparagus, quail egg and hollandaise – or baby snapper with crustacean consommé – and prepare to be fully satisfied. Equal measure of curiosity and delight spark a satisfaction rarely attained. You literally cannot wait to see what delightful surprises will come out next on your plate. The gorgeous violet crumble dessert is a personal favourite. With Christmas Day already booked out and the highly anticipated 4-hour New Years treat on high demand – there is nothing that you won’t love about this upper Melbourne class beauty.


Choc tops

The seductive cocktails are a tantalising twist of sweetness and naughtiness. With mixtures such as ‘Wasabi Collins’ and ‘Clover Club’ – you can never really go wrong no matter what you pick. Your tastebuds will be enticed well into the night. Don’t forget your eyes are also in for a treat with the excellent city views… Dusk to late-night escapades is definitely the right time to be in the place.

Oh, and the décor, darling! Everything is perfectly in place, and key pieces highlight the space with an air of quirky luxury without detracting the attention from the beautiful Melbourne city views. The most interesting statement is the curvaceous light ceiling décor, which perfectly interacts with the gold geometrical shaped candle holders placed carefully around the bar. Each item placed is almost a work of art – you could admire the place for quite a while on décor alone. Huge flower vessels add adequate feminity and beauty, and shiningwood create the Manhattan vibe against stark black offsets. Every finishing touch highlights a certain part of the restaurant. A classy spark of colourful art on the black walls. The elegant yet groovy chairs and the comfortable white booth chairs surrounding each round table. Even the restrooms are spacious and state luxury while you spruce up. It’s almost a shame to go back down the secret elevator and (quite literally) back to reality after Dutchess. It’s a dream-state sort of place and it’s a pleasurable experience in every way.

Don’t miss out on a truly magical Melburnian experience that Dutchess really does offer. See more about the restaurant at

Photography and words exclusively for THE F by Sarah Price. 

Cobia, nuoc cam, finger lime, avocado, prawn crackers

Entry bar

Fried chicken bits and cajun dipping sauce

Geometrical candle holders

King Crab mac and cheese


Pink art

Vegetarian option

Vegetarian third course option

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