Dyson Is Cleaning Up Its Act One Bladeless Fan At A Time

Dyson are THE people to go to when you want quality tech for the home, office or any space that revolutionises the way you live at every point.

They pioneered the blameless fan, changed lives with bagless and self-righting vacuuming and have kept the magic going lately with cordless vacuuming technology. However, it’s their latest developments that they’re launching simultaneously, the Dyson Pure Cool Link for the desk and tower and the Pure Hot+Cool Link, totalling three new products.



Both new machines purify the air, ideal for inner city living where pollution runs rife and the need for cleaner living is increasingly paramount. Both iterations remove over 99.95% of impurities from the air, so you know it will do nothing but improve quality of life and breathing at home.

They are intelligent purifiers that give you an indication of the air quality in your home automatically purifying the pollutants it detects, whilst reporting the live indoor and outdoor air quality2 to the new Dyson Link App – allowing users to remotely control the inside air  quality at all times. It’s all a bit nifty.

The Dyson Pure Cool LinkTM purifier fan takes it to the next level by using a unique 360° Glass HEPA filter to remove 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants1. It doesn’t stop there; sensors inside the machine detect changes in conditions, before automatically adjusting airflow to maintain the target air quality. The machine projects purified air quietly, purifying all year round, and working as a cooling fan in summer.

The greatest bit about the new range, though too, is that the Dyson Link App, developed for iOS and Android, will allow users to remotely monitor the inside air quality – even if they are out of the house.

You can also stay on top of the air quality inside your home, see the purifier and set a new target before ‘very poor’ levels are reached. Meanwhile, keeping track of the air quality history in order to oversee peak pollution times, for example during pollen seasons or when cleaning or cooking is a breeze. If auto-mode is selected, the machine can then automatically react to the monitored air quality and gain live insights into the air quality indoors, but also outdoors in a location7 of their choice.

The future of breathing is here, apparently!

Read more about what Dyson does here.

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