The Magical World of Condoms

Sponsored post by Durex. 

Everyone loves sex.

Songs have been sung about it, stories have been written about it and hearts have been broken over it, but despite its ups-and-downs, it’s as constant as life’s other two assurances: death and taxes. For most, anyway.

But it’s shrouded in mystery. Whether it’s how to hit the ‘G’ spot – or where, for that matter it is – how to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, the benefits of sex, or how to put on a condom, sex and the whole gammut has confounded even the most dedicated of scientists and researchers; not to mention practitioners.

Honing-in on one element of the wonderful world of sex, contraception is as vital to a healthy sex life as being healthy enough in order to enjoy it. When you open yourself-up (literally) to that of another a lot of good and a lot of bad can often come alongside.

Whether it’s babies, catchable itchy bits or something a lot more sinister and a lot more impossible to get rid of, the magic of the Durex condom is a blessing in disguise.

Thin, sensational, well-made, well-fitting and non-minimising of all the good bits of sex, the Durex condom is one of the only go-tos before you get on. How exactly to apply one, too, though, comes in all sorts of varieties.

Videos have pilfered the internet throughout the years of the right and wrong way to go about it, with one golden rule staying true: pinch the tip and roll. 

Use your brain and go nuts on each other; remembering that one simple rule – plus lubricant – and you’re set.


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