Driving the Honda Jazz

Got car, will drive.

The weekend was a perfect excuse to down tools and disappear for a night, taking Honda’s latest instalment of its renowned Jazz model automatic car to the roads, paying the luscious and reclusive Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region a visit.

If you read our Valentine’s Day weekend away guide, you’ll see a bit of what we thought of the Honda Jazz when it’s put up to a one-and-a-half hour drive to the cosy country town.

In short; it’s amazing. Perfect for a sporadic quick getaway or buzzing about town, the Honda Jazz is a nice little addition.

We took it from Melbourne’s CBD to Daylesford to a night away at the Hepburn Spa Retreat, dinner at The Argus Dining Room and a cruise to the Chocolate Mill and Lavender Farm in Daylesford. What a perfect ride it was.

For such a small car, it packs a punch. From 0-60 in what felt like five seconds, the zippy Honda Jazz is perfect for quick weekend getaways and easy navigation. It handles the 110kmph speed limit to and from Daylesford with ease, responds well to every turn of the steering wheel and the Bluetooth and wireless connectivity of the car’s accessories – though limited – make listening to music and using the phone a breeze.

With leather seats and steering wheel, easy-to-adjust and enough space and leg room in the back seats to fit even the tallest person over 6″, the car is built for comfort and luxury on one hand, but practicality and purpose on the other.

Even the front seats of the seemingly tiny car offer enough space to easily not feel restricted. The four automatic windows that fully wind up or down with the click of a button (unlike in most cars) make this even better, immediately turning the car into a small cooling system in itself, perfect for a summer’s day.

The Honda Jazz is renowned for zippy, sports-like nimbleness, fine finishing touches like chrome wheels and touch screen everything and an airconditioning system that on a hot February summer day, saves lives.

See the Honda Australia website at honda.com.au

Honda Jazz 3-1

Honda Jazz 5-1

Honda Jazz 6-1

Honda Jazz 2-1

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