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Drinks in Sydney: Monkey’s Corner cocktail bar, Chippendale

Only brand new and by the Poernomo triptych that has staked its claim on Kensington Street, Chippendale, Monkey’s Corner now stands clandestine on a corner, quietly commanding attention.

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It’s a cocktail bar that does drinks and savouries – unlike its neighbour Koi Dessert Bar known for its desserts –  albeit it with the particularly odd flavours and creative flair that has since made the two venues known.

Koi Dessert Bar is known for its extravagant presentation, delicately subtle and at times almost non-existent sweetness in its desserts and Monkey’s Corner is no different.

They champion the subtlety of flavour, having carved out a place in the market for themselves. They take inspiration and cues from distinctly Asian ingredients and tastes, opting for ‘a touch’ of this and ‘a hint’ of that, invoking your senses where possible in an attempt to offer something more than just ‘a drink’.

Monkey’s Corner is a channelling of the dessert-focused history of one of its founders that transforms them into cocktails of the same vain.

Think, a tiramisu-inspired cocktail called the Drunken & Yuanyang of plantation dark rum, Islay whisky, yuanyang (a Chinese coffee-tea drink), QQ (a Taiwan-originating Chinese word for tender ingredients like yeast balls in bubble teas) and tiramisu. It’s over-the-top, but delicious deceptive.

Or if that’s not your bag, a particularly fruity martini of ‘litchi’  made of plantation 3 star rum, sherry, lychee and rose might be in order.

Couple such adventurous concoctions with their signature dish that is not for the feint-hearted, of ox tongue coated in beef fat, lemon and chives, you have one decadently excessive, but delicately flavoured after work session right in the heart of the city.

Find Monkey’s Corner at 40 Kensington Street, Chippendale. See more at their website.

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