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Meet the drag queen: DJ Kitty Glitter

If you’d asked Ozan as a kid what he’d be when he grew up, he would have told you it would involve music and creativity somehow.

Though no one saw just how creative that would be.

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He knew he was determined to be big, but never thought he’d be doing it all in a dress and heels and as one of Australia’s most prolific drag queen DJs.

Fast forward some 20 years and we have DJ Kitty Glitter, the drag alter ego of Ozan – who’s insistent on keeping his surname a mystery – that has become increasingly part and parcel of the LGBTIQ club scene both in Australia and abroad. And what a stellar job she’s done.

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She’s renowned for her countless appearances as a guest performance at Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras – from way back in her back-up dancer days to most recently in 2016 – and her unique flavour of bouncy remixed pop and vocal house music that obviously strikes the right chord with her fans.

A self-taught DJ and long-time lover of all the camp divas and the tunes they’ve produced over the years, Kitty’s own flavour of music is much like her drag; “slick, sexy and super sparkly”.

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The rousing DJ has never been one to shy away from her success, however all the while owning the fact that she started from humble beginnings and worked her way up.

“My parents emigrated to Australia from Turkey in the 1970s before having me … and I was always quite drawn to dancing in the high school Rock Eisteddfod productions at school in Blacktown in Sydney,” she said.

That experience was her first taste of creative production and performance and it’s fair to say, she didn’t mind it.

It wasn’t until some time later her cousin mentioned wanting to try DJing and invested in turntables.

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She’d muck around on his deck and took to beat-matching instantly. She soon realised the knack she had for it, which culminated after her first drag experience at a talent quest in Albury in 1997, where she realised she needed something to set her apart from the crowd than just drag.

“I’d spent about 10 years in Sydney working and performing as a drag queen and marched a lot in Mardi Gras as a back-up dancer, but I knew I couldn’t keep going as just a queen,” she said. “So that’s when the drag queen DJ thing started and it’s been great.”

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Sure, on most days of the week she doesn’t remember which city she’s waking up in as she mixes her music from gig-to-gig, and doesn’t get much of a chance to revisit her old haunts as she tours Australia, the US, Asia and increasingly more of Europe, but that’s the life she loves.

“I first thought about starting drag as a queen named Donna Kebab – you know, playing on the whole Turkish thing – but didn’t think I’d have much success with that and needed something with a bit more glamour!” she laughs. “I’ve loved everything that’s happened to me so far and being able to bring joy to people is what I love most, regardless of where that is.”

That is after all what Kitty believes is her mission in life: to make people happy and bring them joy.

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She says that in a world with so many dark moments and opportunities to be down, regardless of your sexuality, her work and her music are one small escape.

She prides herself on being able to provide that to people and bring them out of their down moments, whilst taking them into a fantasy world away from reality.

“More drag is what the doctor ordered to heal the world,” she says.

She’s come a long way from her days of old, working in reception at iconic Sydney gay sauna Ken’s on Kensington, marching in Mardi Gras and trying to make headway and she has absolutely loved the whole journey.

At first she wondered what she’d gotten herself into and now couldn’t imagine life any other way.

And though Kitty says she’s not sure she’d be able to smash out more than a few gigs per week anymore at the age of 45, she’s still determined to keep things changing, interesting and ahead of the game.

“Sure everyone has an expiry date, but I’m not over yet,” she said assuredly. “I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve; I’m working on a few things and we’ll see them within the next year or so.”

See more about DJ Kitty Glitter and her upcoming gigs at her website.

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