Doncaster Mile after party at Cherry Bar, The Star

While the rain may have washed out the prestigious Doncaster Mile on Saturday afternoon, it didn’t dampen the spirits of those dancing the night away at the after party, hosted by The Star.


Though there were no racing wins to be celebrated, the Moet was flowing freely as guests were treated to delicious hors d’oeuvres at Cherry, located on the Casino level at The Star. As the official sponsor of the Doncaster Mile, The Star is race ready, and fantastic for after party accommodations and a few celebratory drinks and a throw of the dice.


Cherry is a gorgeous and modern bar, with an extensive cocktail menu to quench any thirst. With a casino thriving right outside the door, Cherry offers a dimly lit haven of elegance and style, with the view of the city below.


On Saturday night, Guy Sebastian could be heard singing a heavenly melody from the exterior the red light den. Stirring the crowd with his amazing voice, Sebastian sang a range of old and new tracks, as the crowd cheered and danced to his impressive set of vocals.


The quartet, which includes Carmen Smith, who was disqualified from The Voice for appearing in one of Sebastian’s film clips, looked fabulous on stage as they belted out a sling of Sebastian’s best tracks, while guests danced around to the contagious beat.


Guy Sebastian will be representing Australia over at the Eurovision finals on May 23rd, which will be held in Vienna, and though we didn’t get to hear the song he will perform, we were given a great show of his vocal ability.


After the show was over and Sebastian has moved on to play at Rock Lily for the official Doncaster Mile after party, Richard Wilkins, often a host for The Star events invited guests to continue to enjoy their night, as private tables within Cherry opened, allowing those to dared to try their luck, a game of Black Jack.


The Star is the official sponsor of The Doncaster Mile, offering a glamorous backdrop for an exciting post-races event, and the perfect place to show off your autumn racing outfit.

Doncaster Mile, Cherry Bar, The Star Sydney, THE F 1-1

Doncaster Mile, Cherry Bar, The Star Sydney, THE F 4-1

Doncaster Mile, Cherry Bar, The Star Sydney, THE F 5-1

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