DIY steps to pressure wash your windows

Cleaning windows could be a very tiring and long process if not done correctly. The fact is that no one can bear dirty windows. When they are dirty, they give a very unpleasant feeling. The process of cleaning windows should not become a burden on you. If you have the right tips and tools, the whole process becomes very fast and easy.

There are a number of good high pressure water cleaners available in market these days. You can purchase one looking at its features, specifications and your requirements. Following are useful DIY Steps on how to easily wash away all of the dust, dirt and debris using a pressure washer:

  • Assess the condition

Have a close look at your windows before you finally start using the pressure washer on them. Make sure that glasses on the windows are in good condition and the panes are intact. If not, don’t use a pressure washer on them until you get them repaired. Be aware of any spots on the trim that may need repainting. The pressure washer can loosen the chipping paint, as well as damage exposed wood if the force of the water is too high.

  • Water the soil below the windows

Before you start the cleaning process, it is a great idea to soak the soil below each window. This will help to dilute any chemicals that are present in the soap that you are going to use to wash the windows.

  • Pour soap concentrate into pressure washer

Put multi-purpose soap concentrate which is ideal for pressure washers in the reservoir of the pressure washer. A majority of soap solutions will claim that they are fully safe for siding, windows, as well as sidewalks. Install the soap tip to the end of your pressure washing wand. When it is activated, the wand with the soap tip will offer a powerful stream of soapy water.

  • Use pressure washer to apply soap

Turn the pressure washer on and initiate the wand. Use the soapy spray to target the trim, keeping the tip of the wand at a certain angle to the window and trim. The optimum angle of spray for a lower pressure is 60-degree. On the other hand, for a stronger pressure it is 40-degree to 0-degree.

Aiming the wand at an angle to the trim will make it easier to lift and eliminate dirt from it, rather than aiming straight on it. It will even help to loosen any flaking paint, which helps with preparing your window trim for a new coat of paint.

  • Rinse windows

Switch off the pressure washer and adjust the tip on the wand so that it delivers a 15 to 20-degree angle for a stronger pressure, which will effectively eliminate soap that is there on the surface and any dirt that has been loosened by the soap. Spray from the top of the window in downwards direction to fully rinse the window.

Follow this useful and effective procedure in order to clean your windows in a very fast and less tiring way.

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