Dish’d Food Store by Jacques Reymond

One of the country’s most renowned men in a white gown, Jacques Reymond, has put his name behind another set-for-success business that has outshone most of its competitors already.

The name? Dish’d. It takes home ordering of food and food products to a whole new, gourmet level that up until recently has largely been unseen.

With the master’s mind of Jacques Reymond behind the recipes, preparation and cooking of the food for customers in Melbourne and Sydney, there is sure to be success. With everything available from entrees, mains and desserts, there’s no denying that Dish’s is the perfect answer for those too posh to cook, too lazy to shop or those with a fetish for good taste and the desire to not have to work to get it.

I’m all for it.

Recently, they held a little soirée that offered a soupçon of the menu’s range, much to the taste of a very Melburnian food-conscious crowd.

Mozzarella & Pesto Pizza

Tartufo Nero and Black Pearls

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