How Owning Vinyl From Discrepancy Records Is Better Than Modern Music

Vinyls to tape decks, CDs to USBs and now you don’t even need any hardware anymore to enjoy your choice of music, but just because the world has moved on, nobody has forgotten the beauty of the age old vinyl records.

The Beatles, John Coltrane, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones – all of which are available at Discrepancy Records –  to name a few of MANY more have all made their names on the now collectible first-ever CDs, paying homage to the beauty of music and collectability of the classic vinyl records. That’s why there are 4 reasons you need to know as to why vinyls are better than digital music in the fast-paced consumerist generation of throw-away pop.

1. Your taste in music will get so much better

The modern day artists aren’t on vinyl, instead opting for throw-away digital versions of their music that get lost in the annals of time and your iTunes library. A vinyl record is collectible, beautiful, tangible and something you want that mercifully only house the likes of the greats over the past 50 years instead of the more contemporary music choices.

Think Edith Piaf, Abba, Elvis Presley! The list goes on and each as influential and memorable as the last.

2. Your music shopping experience will be enhanced

You don’t simply buy a record, you experience the music and purchase a piece of the artist. Walking into any record store, or trialling the music before you buy it is a thing of the past, where feeling the music fill the room from the very machine that’s playing it is a hobby long-since passed. Sure the likes of Discrepancy Records are all online, but having the suspense of awaiting the record’s arrival before you create the music from your very own player is one of the most heightened levels of excitement for the dedicated music-lover.

3. Vinyl sounds better

Yes, this may be as contentious as it gets, but the fact of the matter is that when music is compressed into mp3 or mp4 format, its quality diminishes. Recordings on vinyl sound just the way the technician and the artist intended without glossing over their talent.

4. Buying vinyl makes you money

Records are increasingly becoming more and more collectible. Anyone can access mp3 and 4-type music files and pirate them all over the internet. With the collectability of records going up, an untouched one or brand new one is much more valuable than a music file on an iPod!

Consider making the commitment to your own record collection with the handy music-lovers at Discrepancy Records.

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