Dior & I

It’s not until you watch a movie about the hard slogs of a designer, their personal and professional trials and tribulations and the demands of the world of haute couture that you realise¬†just how hard it must be.

Especially when you’re a new name to an old fashion house, like Raf Simons to Christian Dior.

Dior & I is a film about just that, scratching the surface and then slithering right in deep into the operations of the haute couture fashion business and what it entails.

Raf Simons came to Dior from minimalist house Jil Sander, after he had established himself in the world of menswear and sleek, minimalist design. Dior offered a new frontier for Simons and in the film, with a six-week turnaround between his induction to the presentation of his debut haute couture collection, it offered a new set of challenges.

From language barriers to having no relationship with the atelier and premieres (head designers), Simons and Dior had to find a way to work together to create a collection that was fresh, new, bountiful and seasonally appropriate; a collection that spoke to the editorial element of couture, the stylish element of fashion and the commercial aspects of retail.

A tricky juggling game and one of intense demand, at that, Dior & I is a testament to the day-to-day of couture in a nutshell, highlighting just how designers amalgamate themselves into the many avenues of fashion.

See Dior & I in cinemas til the end of May at Cinema Nova (WWW).

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