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Why dinner at Ragu Pasta and Wine Bar in the city is so good

In the heart of Sydney, Ragu Pasta and Wine Bar is a hidden gem that offers Italian dishes that are perfect in their simplicity. 

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Tucked away in the Westfield on Pitt St, the location makes it ideal for hungry shoppers and for  city slickers looking for a quick bite to eat that doesn’t compromise in taste. The menu has a wide range, starting with classic antipasto choices such as bruschetta and a selection of cured meats. The menu features a create-it-yourself pasta menu, where diners have a choice of different pasta options and various sauces to pair it with. There are a total fourteen different sauces to choose from on the menu. 

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Some of the kitchen’s favourite combos are the penne napoli, which features a traditional tomato based sauce, and the fusilli puttanesca – a more hearty option with meat in it. Just order a salad from the insalate section to go with your pasta, and you have a perfectly balanced meal.

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To top it off, Ragu has an expansive bar decked out with prosecco, champagne and any type of wine you want. This makes it a great location for after-work drinks in the evening. In true Italian fashion, the bar can whip up an Aperol Spritz, a Campari Spritz or Negroni for you to enjoy with your meal too. 

For anyone looking for a low-key Italian dinner in the middle of the city, Ragu Pasta and Wine Bar is the place to go. 


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