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The best bits about a bountiful degustation at Gateway Sydney

As a small-town suburban girl strolling her way through the CBD, Sydney city’s wealth of food eateries is unparalleled. Crossing cuisines, varying in formality and most importantly, price ranges, grabbing a bite to eat is as simple as turning a corner.

That is, unless you’re in Circular Quay. The water view bathed end of Sydney has led many locals and visitors wandering the ferry terminals and brick roads in a state of utter famish for too long, with a slim pickings of greasy pizza stores and fish and chip vendors as the only dining option.

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Thankfully for Circular Quay’s new $60 million development, Alfred St has scored a slew of widely acclaimed eateries with the opening of Gateway Sydney, a four-storey food haven for the hungriest of wanderers.

Featuring a range of dessert and dinner places, fine dining and fast food and King’s feasts to Princess portions, the new precinct officially opened on September 1st and has launched the New Year by opening all 25 new cafes, casual dining settings and restaurants to the public.

It was thus only natural (for the sake of research purposes) to sample as many of the meals on offer in the building as possible.

Cue Gateway’s walking degustation, the perfect way to gorge yourself, while minimising the guilt with some form of exercise (yes, walking up an escalator to the next restaurant does still count).

Starting at top-level restaurant Popina, guests were served a welcome cocktail, jovially dubbed The Italian Nod, whose infusion of vodka, amaro, pineapple and raspberry juices certainly left everyone nodding for seconds as they lapped up the beautifully pink, foamy drink. Inspired by Middle Eastern flavours and the head chefs own Italian-Argentinian background, must-have dishes like the Eggplant topped with babaganoush and medjool dressing and antipasto platter with house made pickles were a perfect introduction to the high quality standard of meals served at Gateway. In addition, Popina’s “Pit-zza” was the perfect high-calorie, indulgent hybrid between garlic pizza and pitta bread.


The belt on your jeans will already be loosening after one stop, but trust me, don’t quit yet.

Next came notable steak house chain Hurricane’s infamous Surf and Turf Skewers, which were close competition to the Burger Project’s signature sliders served in classic, cheese and chilli-cheese form.

As we continued to descend the building, the stand out dish came from Jimmy’s Recipe, pairing luxury Asian-cuisine dishes like Chicken Laksa and Beef Rendang, with a light but flavoursome Asian mixed salad.

Also included in the degustation were selections from the 50-seater Japanese restaurant Hero Sushi Train and Chat Thai’s delicious Rae Rai and Som Chun.

Gateway Alfred St caters to all palettes, wallets and fancies, with an excellently curated and organised food precinct. Gateway Alfred St’s walking degustation challenge remains only for the strongest willed and stomached individuals.

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