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From Paris, with love. Dinner en Blanc is about to enter its fourth instalment in Sydney and Antoine Bessis, the man who made it all happen with the help of his fellow host and wife, Rachel could not be more excited.

In leaps and bounds, the event took to Sydney in 2012 with a total of 1500 guests in attendance. Since then the hype, novelty and excitement of the event has spread throughout the city and ballooned the number to a whopping 4000. Scratch the surface of an event as inimitable and alluring as something like Dinner en Blanc and it’s easy to see why.

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As Bessis explained during a recent chat about his exciting year-on-year project, Sydney is a city made for an event as unique as Dinner en Blanc.

“It is an exciting journey because Sydney isn’t a typical metropolis layout in terms of sights that are available to act as the backdrop of the event. There’s a combination of urban and natural landscape, which when coupled with the ocean throw different elements into the mix,” he explained.

Dinner en Blanc was initially an urban concept that Antoine took from a visit to Paris with a friend when he experienced the first one there by the Notre Dame Cathedral; an exciting and aspirational experience for the entrepreneur.

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He wanted to replicate the excitement and certain elements of the event for the Sydney audience, which is actually the youngest and most diverse of all Dinner en Blanc attendees around the world; a testament to Sydney and Australia’s social life and appreciation for unique originality.

Dinner en Blanc is a roaming event, meaning that in Sydney, it never appears in the same place twice. With locations varying from Centennial Park in the heart of Sydney, to Bondi Beach in the east – one of Australia’s most renowned slices of land – the dinner capitalises on what makes Sydney as picturesque as it can be, while keeping the size and allure of the location to a maximum.

Antoine’s three most favourite things about the annual event are the element of surprise with each event – the location is not revealed until D-Day – coupled with the grandeur of each gathering as well as the sheer social element of the dinner, the purpose behind which is to meet and make friends.

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“Dinner en Blanc covers-off all bases. In Sydney the climate is repressive in terms of how people can enjoy themselves during the day and at night in a sort of party environment – it’s become tougher in last few years – so to have something like Dinner en Blanc that breaks away those barriers and allows people to enjoy themselves is so wonderful,” he explained.

When it comes to why the Dinner works so well, Antoine attributes it to a multitude of things, but primarily, the Australian party culture.

“Aussies are well into food and fashion and the Sydney event is a great combination of just that. Gastronomy, fashion and entertainment speaks to a lot of the Sydney guests; we have a younger demographic in Sydney by about ten years, but that hasn’t stopped our guests ranging well into their sixties, either. It speaks to a great deal of people,” explained Antoine.

The beauty of Dinner en Blanc is the extravagance of the large-scale audience participation that overtakes the whole event. From napkin waving to sparkler displays, coupled with the fact that every guest dressing in head-to-toe white is mandatory, the event is a sight to be seen. As for any tips from the organiser on how to keep yourself nice and your whites white, “be careful!” he says.

Dinner en Blanc Sydney is a one-night-only event and is taking place in 2015 on 28 November. Tickets are sold out.

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