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Devil’s Corner presents ‘From The Wild’ at St. Jerome’s Hotel Melbourne

The best of Tasmania was on display in Melbourne recently in a gastronomic celebration of all the best fare the southern state has to offer. And it was good.

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Hosted in partnership with local Tasmanian producers to bring a taste of the Tasmanian wild to Melbourne, Devil’s Corner winemaker Tom Wallace and producers from Freycinet Marine Farm, Ashgrove Cheese and more are really showcasing food and wine appreciators through five food tasting stations with food expertly matched to Devil’s Corner wines.

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What makes enjoying the best of Tasmina even more special is that it is in conjunction with local food producers from the State, providing the perfect nibbles to accompany the selection of wines on offer.

Devils Corner Melbourne food wine St Jeromes

For those who aren’t wine connoisseurs, Devil’s Corner are well-seasoned food and wine matching experts, so worry not.  What is fantastic about all the wines of offer is that they are all so mild in flavour, including the Pinot Noir. Every glass of wine was so distinct in flavour, carrying their own crispy fruity flavour, tying in perfectly with their foodie partner.

Working with freshly shucked oysters, fresh from the Great Oyster Bay that morning, to the incredible porchetta panino made from local pork. It showcases some of the best Australian produce in it’s truest form and how well wine is meant to complement just that.

As a huge advocates for local produce and supporting local farmers, it makes us so grateful that the lovely folk at Devil’s Corner were so gracious to give us a taste of Tasmania and show that world that our little corner of the world can definitely keep up with the ever evolving food scene.

Devils Corner Melbourne food wine wine


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