Deuce Generation Shoes

Deuce Generation Sneakers 1

There’s no denying I love shoes. Look at my Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

From dress shoes to casual shoes and everything in-between, I’ve got ’em all, but I have to admit, none quite so comfortable as my most recent additions, a new pair of leather Deuce Generation sneakers.

They’re shoes that make walking feel like you’re walking on soft, perfectly contoured sponges and fit the shape of the foot so completely perfectly it’s astounding you can get them for such an affordable price.

The Deuce Generation is a movement of designers, innovators, challengers, thinkers and and makers who’ve gotten together to make some pretty spunky shoes with a vintage aesthetic through original manufacturing techniques. While I’m bemused as to what they are exactly, they sure make a decent shoe.

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