In The Market For A Rug? Designer Rugs Has You Covered

There’s nothing more drab than an interior that is lacking; nothing more unwelcoming than the icy cold recess of a space that is without its floor covering and nothing that looks more naked than an un-rugged floor.

That’s where these guys, Designer Rugs (original name, yes) come in, servicing your every need with their pleasingly quality rugs at to-be-expected price points that solve all sorts of issues in any interior stylist’s void of a problem.

They’re bold, sophisticated and command attention, and in the case of the below styles, have been created in collaboration with acclaimed set decorator, Kerrie Brown.

Her dynamic overlaid technique draws on aesthetics from European art and street art styles, captivating with their charmingly muted energies.

Since August, her collaboration with Designer Rugs has allowed her to explore a new design dimension, translating her digital collage designs into rugs to bear the wear-and-tear of overt traffic through the years to come. A sound investment for sure.

They’re gritty, abstract, layered and detailed, working as statements as well as seamless transitions for your now mercifully not-naked flooring. Enjoy.











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