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Why is De Lorenzo haircare so good?

The De Lorenzo name is one synonymous with quality haircare in Australia. Founded in the 80s, the sons of the original founders have kept the magic of the brand alive as a family-run business and they know their stuff.

It’s made evident when you speak to any of the directors (all the De Lorenzo offspring), whose passion for the business and its ethos runs through and through.

We had a chat with Anthony De Lorenzo about the brand and its great successes…

What has been your biggest achievement in the 30 years since De Lorenzo began?

Probably our biggest achievement was the development and formulation of our Novacolor range of permanent hair colour. It has grown now to 111 shades, all developed to keep the hair in optimum condition, with limited fade in our harsh Australian environment.

Tell us your hero product from the range and why?

The hero product range would have to be the Essential Treatments. These are designed to maintain the four natural balances essential for healthy, beautiful hair – Protein, Moisture, Sebum (natural oils) and pH.

How has staying true to your Australian roots helped the growth and continued success for De Lorenzo across 30 years?

Being Australian made and owned has made us unique in the market. Our family companies have been employing Australians for over 70 years. They are the backbone of our business and have significantly contributed to our continued growth and success.

What does De Lorenzo mean to you?

De Lorenzo means uncompromising quality. It means continually striving to be the best, using the best available ingredients.

Will De Lorenzo’s philosophy ever change?

Our philosophy will not change. We are Australian made. We are committed to the ethical manufacture of natural-based products that contain no animal ingredients. Our products are focused on the health of the scalp and the hair.

What’s next for De Lorenzo?

Our Research and Development team continues to explore technical innovation, new ingredients and the needs of the hairdressing industry both here and overseas. We will both refine and expand our range to meet the demands of the future.





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