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Italian food at Da Mario is the greatest Sydney has to offer

You walk in, it’s simple, sunlit and central. Everything is wood, raw, revealed and easy. The waiters wear casual blacks and the industrial styled interiors immediately put you at ease. That is Da Mario. It’s an Italian restaurant in Sydney that puts the quality of its food do the talking. And it has a lot to say.

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The restaurant works with a limited enough menu that lets what it does well tell the story. The best thing about it is that it’s simple, rounded and so tasty, you kind of question why it has taken you so long to try it up until now.

It does the regular mainstays of Italian eateries like pizzas, pastas, antipasti, salads and calzones, but by limiting the size of their menu it means what comes to the table is nothing but delicious and well-made fare.

The signature dish? Not something you’d expect. A sensational ‘spaghetti mare’ or diced Morton Bay bugs, zucchini, tomato, garlic, marjoram, saffron and chilli makes for a fragrant, lightly seafood-flavoured spaghetti dish with a rich sauce and al dente pasta that is a bit hard to stop eating. It’s rich, tomato-based, saucy and filling to the point you don’t need to order anything else; but you will.

The pizza menu covers all the bases you’d expect it to, from capricciosa to margherita and beyond, but it’s all done in that soft, floppy, thin based Italian style that has really carved a place in the hearts of Sydney’s Italian food lovers. And if not, then get used to it because it’s not going anywhere and damned delicious at Da Mario.

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You can find Da Mario at 36 Morely Ave. Rosebery. 


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