Who’s your CUZIN?

We all know someone who does it. Maybe we even do it ourselves. There’s no shame to it because it makes life so much easier if you have that want or need for that item overseas that you annoyingly enough can only get overseas.

Meet your new CUZIN, a new friend who makes shopping overseas a hell of a lot easier.

CUZIN is an online invention born by Shaun Greenblo whose perpetual habits of bothering his cousins overseas in the US to buy him clothes and things he could only buy over there to send to him, frustrated him so much he had to find a better way.

CUZIN is that better way.

It’s similar to a freight-forwarding service, but with more of a personality, more of a relationship opportunity to it and with a more social element.

Thanks to it, shoppers for the first time can purchase hard-to-get products from anywhere in the world and bypass the huge price markups of Australian retailers thanks to CUZIN, which has already helped thousands of shoppers around the world.

It works by creating a social community-based marketplace that groups of getters and wanters can post wants, respond with the ability to ‘get’ and send items to people with a handy little financial tip in store for their hard work.

More particularly, on CUZIN, “Wanters” can browse a curated catalogue of products uploaded by “Getters” around the world, or they can post a want for a product they want but can’t access. Their listing is then matched to “Getters” with a buying advantage (geographic or commercial) who can help them get the item.

As online shopping moves towards a more curated and social experience, CUZIN brings together social commerce with a powerful logistics platform.


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