Custom made finery, Oscar Hunt style

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Looking good is easy. You just need the right tools.

There are hardly many¬†good¬†options for men when you’re looking at custom made pieces to add to the wardrobe and make any outfit really work for what you’re trying to achieve.

That was until Oscar Hunt hit the scene some time ago, bringing what it means to dress like a man should to every man who wanted to.

Jules and the guys at Oscar Hunt are a passionate group of two entrepreneurially-minded tailors, fabric appreciators and personal grooming gurus whose desire to dress men better and make them look a different kind of presentable was only too strong.

A modest studio in a building, through some doors, up some stairwells and through another door plays home to the masculine magic that is Oscar Hunt. A personal consultation on a customer’s sense of style, colour preferences, fits-of-choice and overall needs is promptly followed by some measurements, a play date with fabric swatches and some waiting time before a second fitting and the final product’s deliverance all wrapped-up nicely and ready to go.

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Turn around time is six weeks, unfortunate at first, but quality demands time I’m told, and the team at Oscar Hunt take their use of it very seriously.

All created off shore, that’s where the bulk of a suit or shirt’s construction takes place. Perfected and finalised by hand in Australia by the tailor’s own master tailor, Oscar, the Oscar Hunt tailoring process is as quick, reliable and fine in Australia as you’ll find for a more than acceptable price.

Once you’ve had custom made, you don’t go back. It just takes the right person to show you.

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Studio 105, Level 1
20 – 22 McKillop Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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