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Cure hangovers, low energy and make yourself feel great with ActIV Infusion Sydney

For the days you feel flat, look rough, have no spring in your step or are just plain hideously hungover, there’s a remedy for that that is quick, painless, affordable and damn effective.

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What was once known as Sydney’s Hangover Clinic has taken-on a new name and offered a whole raft of new services to its offering. Going by ActIV Infusion in Surry Hills, it’s Sydney’s go-to for hangover remedies, immunity boosters, sickness boots and injectable perk-ups, right in the heart of one of the city’s busiest spots – and it’s not what you think.

The clinic is light, bright, street-fronted and doctor administered, immediately doing away with any of those awful stereotypes of remedial IV clinics being down dodgy side streets or tucked away in someone’s first floor.

It’s the baby of a ski instructor-come-lawyer-come-clinician whose enthusiasm for the positive effects of what hooking-up saline mixed with vitamins can do to the body, turned it into his life’s work.

The process is as simple as it sounds. A certified doctor takes you through the procedure, which is refreshingly similar to what you’d experience at a hospital, anyway.

ActIV Infusion Sydney consultation room

You discuss how you feel, think about how you want to feel and hand the reigns seamlessly over to the practitioner who prepares your vein for the IV as you retreat to a dark, mood-lit and quietly peaceful room where the whole process takes place.

ActIV Infusion Sydney Lounge

Before you know it you’e hooked-up to an IV drip as you take-on over a litre of saline fluid that has been mixed with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to either cure a hangover, make you feel phenomenal in general or replenish what your body doesn’t get enough of anyway. It’s a fool-proof system.

Already a massive trend for aiding basically anything that can make you feel flat in Los Angeles, ActIV Infusion Sydney is all about helping the body naturally restore itself by eradicating the risk of you not absorbing anywhere up to 70% of the fluids you can take-in orally. It’s such a difference, you can’t help but notice it.

The most effective and popular treatment to undergo at ActIV Infusion is what’s known as the Myer’s Cocktail. First used by the late Dr. John Myers over 50 years ago, a Myers’ Cocktail is a scientifically-formulated mixture of medical-grade nutrients administered through injections or an IV regimen, that has regulars to the clinic coming back for more.

Couple that with all the other services that ActIV Infusion offers, there’s no wonder their membership is booming. Their peak times? As you’d guess, after Mardi Gras, New Years, Christmas; the usual.

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A Sydney-centric operation at the moment, ActIV Infusion Sydney does house-calls for those who’re either too hungover, or too inconvenienced to make it to the clinic in Surry Hills themselves. And with plans to expand the business to Melbourne, founder and operator Max Petro says there’s no limit to the good ActIV Infusion can do for the likes of party-goers to busy shift workers and everyone in-between.

See more and make a booking for yourself at ActIV Infusion Sydney today.

ActIV Infusion Max Petro founder

Founder Max Petro at his Sydney clinic, ActIV Infusion

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