Crumpler x P.A.M collaboration

Teetering dangerously on the edge of being like watching some hideous 80s TV show and making me want to vomit, the campaign video for the new Crumpler and P.A.M collaboration is quite,the watch, reflective of quite the new collection.

P.A.M. is a Melbourne based creative design organisation and Crumpler is known for their bags. Together they bring a dissociated approach to design and function in a new collection of accessories with structural integrity inspired by natural forms.

With a visually peaceful approach and refined colour palette, asymmetrical contours and durable fabrics as staple of the Crumpler name, the collection is minimal but impactful and appealing to even the most intrepid of naked travellers…

Take from it what you will, this is it…

Crumpler x P.A.M.

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