Easily get summer body ready using CoolSculpting

The day has come where you can master never fearing another mirror again!

How? By freezing your fat right off your body, of course.

Well, it’s not quite that dramatic, but by using a revolutionary technique known as ‘CoolSculpting‘, it’s possible. The results speak for themselves. It sounds intense and for those with a low pain threshold, it could well be, but the results are genuinely impressive and leave your body looking like a shadow of its former self.



What it is good for

As everyone knows, the bulk of weight loss and weight management lies in nutrition and diet, but regardless of who you ask – your personal trainer, any gym-buff, Arnold Schwarzenegger – each body has a tendency to retain little pockets of blubber we just cannot shake.

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That’s where CoolSculpting comes in; and don’t worry, it’s significantly less invasive and horrific than the most intense versions of fat management, like liposuction, for example.

These little pockets of fat can normally be found around the tummy, flanks (the dreaded “love handles”), inner and outer thigh, chin and abdomen; while the best bit is, it’s not exclusive to men or women! So this is where CoolSculpting targets.

It’s not purposed as a method of “weight loss” specifically, rather as the name implies, a way to permanently and naturally sculpt stubborn parts of your body that need a bit of extra attention.

How it works

In less glamorous terms, large vacuums suck-up the smaller pockets of fat on a nominated body part, freezing it snap cold to a chilly minus 10 degrees celcius. At this point, what’s called apoptosis occurs, where the fat cells actually die.

From this point, your body’s lymphatic system, which acts as the after-hours cleaner of your body, begins the process of filtering out the dead matter day-by-day. It’s all expelled through your regular daily functions, so it’s completely effortless.

What it feels like

The experience can vary for a great number of people, but generally speaking, numb!

It’s unsurprising given parts of your body are being frozen to sub-zero temperatures, but it’s pleasantly manageable. On the abdomen for example, the mere suction of the vacuum enough can take your breath away, but once the freezing starts – a nerve racking experience – it’s all painless and over before you know it.

You’re left feeling numb for some time after the procedure, which takes a solid hour on each area, that lasts a few weeks (about six), before normal sensation returns. This varies for many people and can come with its own inimitable range of side-effects such as itchiness, pain, extreme discomfort, and so on. The doctors are always on hand to help you deal with anything that comes your way, but one major recommendation would be to under the recommended “fat cracking” massage with an ultrasound massage stick as soon as possible.

The practitioners do recommend the professionally-administered massage one week after the sculpt, but earlier is best to enliven the sleeping nerve endings and alleviate any crunchy-itchiness you might think you feel in the concentration area.

See some more FAQs here.

How do I know?

I had it done! The team at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary have a registered CoolSculpting machine on hand to apply the treatment and provide professional recommendations on what to have done and where.

CoolSculpting is not a treatment for the feint-of-heart or the skinny – you need a good handful of palpable fat to even be considered right for the treatment – so approaching a permanent fix on your body using something that is still quite obtrusive to the body is a big commitment. Make it with your own wellbeing in mind and be sure that those who apply it – and the end result and body confidence – are well worth the time.

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