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Cook at home this summer the right way with the Chin Chin ‘Feed Me’ cook book

Everyone knows Chin Chin. Starting in Melbourne in mid-2011, it fast became the trendy place for locals to visit, followed shortly by basically everyone from Sydney and abroad over the years.

In fact Sydney folks loved it so much, the Chin Chin name took to the north in late 2017, taking its own slice of property right in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills, offering the best of its menu and overall funky feeling. And it’s good.

With summer comes the drive to eat out more, and eat well, which is why Chin Chin Sydney is of course worth a visit, but for those who are a little more adventurous and would prefer to replicate the magic at home, the Chin Chin cook book is the tool you need.

Chin Chin Feed Me, cover

The books is called Chin Chin Feed Me after their sumptuous banquet menu at both establishments and is all about creating those famed morsels for yourself and in your own time.

They have come up with a whole lot of scenarios for cooking for family and friends, from brunch to cocktail parties, Sunday lunches and even kid’s parties, it’s all there and makes it doable.

All the recipes feature the trademark Chin Chin taste made with a carefully blended mix of freshness, spice, heat and exotic herbs.

You’d be forgiven for calling the flavours ‘southeast Asian’, but they just call it the way they like to eat, which for a born-and-raised Australian guy like Benjamin Cooper, is an easy line to blur.

The book comes with a handy shopping list and some prep tips to keep things easy at the beginning of the chapter.

Get it for $49.95 from Chin Chin restaurants in Melbourne or Sydney, or here.

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