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Common car problems and how to fix them

Like all other machinery, cars also sometimes face mechanical problems. Being subjected to rough conditions on the roads, small problems are common in vehicles. While it is true that only a professional mechanic can guarantee a complete fix, being aware about the common problems is becoming increasingly necessary.

Not having the basic knowledge about the problems in your car can have several negative implications. For instance, people do not realise when their vehicle is facing uneven tyre wear. When this happens, tyres of one side end up losing their grip on the road. Such negligence may result in a road accident. Moreover, there are several not so desirable businesses that are constantly looking for unsuspecting and unaware customers.

Following are some of the most common problems that modern cars face, and the best course of action in case you encounter them:

Overheating engine

An overheating engine is a common problem in older cars. If there is smoke coming out from under the hood, the reason might be an overheated engine. If you find yourself in such a situation, find a cheap tow truck in Perth, and have them take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Overheating is a relatively simple problem that is usually caused by the lack of coolant in your engine. However, the depletion of the coolant itself is a serious issue, and may have been caused because of a leak. For this reason, a complete checkup of the engine is recommended before topping up the coolant.

Faulty air conditioner 

A faulty air conditioner is easily recognisable when your air conditioning system is only able to dispense room-temperature air. Just like the overheating engine, the problem is not too serious, but requires a thorough inspection to ensure no further problems occur. Air conditioner problems are usually related to the depletion of refrigerant in the engine. Even if you think you can buy the refrigerant and refill it yourself, it is advisable to get your engine inspected for possible leaks.

Engine doesn’t start or takes too long to start

While there can be a number of reasons for the car engine not starting, a dead battery is by far the most common reason. If you car cranks over but does not start, there might be a problem with your spark plug. Similarly, if there is no noise when you turn the key, one of the terminals might not be properly connected. You should also check for corrosion on the battery. If you have a dead battery out on the road, it is best to call roadside assistance to jumpstart your vehicle. You can then think about replacing the battery when you are off the road.

Replacing a battery or the spark plugs is fairly straightforward and you can easily save some money by doing them yourself. Simply follow one of the millions of guides available online, and you will be done it no time.

Worn out brakes

If you feel that the braking capacity of your vehicle has been affected, then it is good idea to immediately investigate into the matter. Noisy or worn out brakes can be the result of a number things ranging from loose brake pads to worn out brake drums.

Some components used in braking systems, such as the brake dust can be severely harmful if inhaled. For this reason, it is recommended to take your car to a mechanic when you encounter problems with the braking system.


Knowing your vehicle is an essential part of being a responsible owner and driver. This basic information will enable you to instantly recognise the problems in you car, and choose the best way to deal with them.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a unique problems related to your car, feel free to do so in the comment section.

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