Comfy balls with Comfyballs

Yep, as astounding a name as it has, Comfyballs is in the market to make your nads feel better than they’ve felt in a while.

They ran into some kickback – unsurprisingly – with the name in the USA and overseas, but have penetrated the market in Australia to their own glee.

They’ve pioneered what it means to shed a bit of light on the realities of men’s undies, focusing on the leaps and bounds in fabric manufacturing and construction technology that exists in everything we overlook, even the minute.

Comfyballs undies incorporate the unique PackageFront design, purposed to reduce heat transfer and movement restriction around the bits where it counts.

With low waist, fitted designs, super soft fabrics (cotton and elastane) and great breathability, everything remains comfy for as long as you need it to.

Check them out online if you dare (WWW).

Comfyballs, THE F 1

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