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Smart tips to keep your important personal effects safe and organised

We’ve all got those special things in life we don’t want ruined or stolen—jewellery, electronics, passports, mementos and so on. But gone are the days keeping them strewn around the house is a safe option.

It used to be the case that people were once too proper and cautious to enter someone’s house without knocking. Now, people would welcome themselves in, and well, the casual domestic robbery has escalated to something chronic. So, how do you keep your special bits away from sticky fingers and harm?

Many ways! And these are a few…

Burglary man breaking into house

Invest in a safe

City Safes takes the guesswork out of deciding on which sturdy lockbox to spend your money on to save your special items in the future.

They’re a family-owned business, so they know how important it is to get that peace-of-mind. Aside from providing new and reconditioned safes, the company specialises in removal and relocation of your keepsakes.

They also do all sorts of other services including safe servicing, lock conversion, custom design, specialist relocations, hire of safes and much more. Not a bad option for security!

Open cabinet revealing a black safe

Think about a secure doorbell

The Ring is a nice option for those who are never home and wish they could be. Now, you can be!

The remote doorbell allows you to answer your door when rung from anywhere in the world, while also providing to-the-minute updates of any motion detected within its line of sight. It even records all the footage it takes on the Cloud for easy recall if you need it.

Get a guard dog

This is a pretty old school option, but there’s nothing more frightening than a sly-looking German Shepherd slinking toward you with teeth bared.

We all love the thought of being protected by something or someone who loves us. It’s just that this option has four legs and uses their natural instincts and gifts to do the dirty work, if it comes to it.

Beauceron with cropped ears

Home security is super vital in this day-and-age. It is something that needs to be considered as seriously as many other elements of the home. Safes, dogs, security wire, camera and the personal alert systems in the world won’t stop someone from breaking in to take your bits, but you can slow them down easily with a smart investment like those mentioned above.

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