Clown Around With Cirque Du Soleil ‘Kooza’ In Town

With terrifying clown spotting’s popping up all around the country at the moment, on the brink of Halloween, the last thing you may think you want to do is spend the evening with clowns.


Think again.


Daring to be different as always, Cirque du Soleil’s latest show Kooza tracks the story of “The Innocent”, a kite-wielding dreamer, through a journey of self-discovery, placing them in a magical comic kingdom, where magnetic performances celebrate the eternal appeal of the clown.


Going back to their roots, Kooza reimagines the classical elements of circus, combining acrobatic performance that defies the limits of the human body and contemporary performance stunts, all interspersed with the comedic styling’s of the world’s quirkiest and cleverest clowns.


And it does so with great success, as the circus performers grace Australia’s big top arena for the 8th time, making audiences everywhere want to pack their bags, join the circus and perform the death-defying acrobat acts.


It’s hard to describe Kooza without spoiling the spectacle, but it goes without saying, it is truly something to see to believe. For the curious reader, expect such stunts as bike riding on tight ropes, sculpture imitating contortionists and two dare devils that defy all laws of gravity in a steel spinning wheel of excitement.




As usual, the outfits don’t disappoint either. With homage paid to the traditional, stripe clad clown, to the royal tail-coated ringleader, Kooza also acknowledges the upcoming holiday of Halloween, with a Dia del Muertos “Day of the Dead” inspired ensemble outfit.

A show that’s guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and have a heart attack within each performance, Cirque du Soleil exhibits the talent of an international slew of circus performers, celebrating their incredible performance qualities, athleticism and cultural diversity.


Kooza’s popularity has soared since launching on August 25th, so it is no surprise that the Sydney season has extended until Sunday, November 13th, travelling to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth to continue the magical experience that Cirque du Soleil effortlessly provides.


Tickets available at their website.














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