Flash mobbing Sydney’s Circular Quay

The weather was perfect, the crowd was bursting and the tourists were flocking: all signs pointed ‘go’ to ING Direct Australia’s latest project with German DJ der Guten Laune; the DJ of the good mood!

Celebrating the financial organisation’s great deals when it comes to superannuation accounts and how little they actually charge their customers to bank their super with ING, there weren’t any reasons to not be in a good mood.

As the DJ spun his music, seniors who’re experiencing financial freedom that most only dream of took to the paddocks, dancing-out their joy.

The idea is that with ING and their low or no fee accounts, you’ll have more money available when you’re in your older days, meaning you’ll have more freedom and so, more happiness and good times!

I wouldn’t argue.

The DJ Kristian der Guten Laune was recently married in Cologne, Germany, in addition to his clever financial planning, he’s now on top of the world and has no other reason than the general quality of his life to be as ecstatic as he is. Infectious, isn’t it?

See some hilarious footage of the flash mob at this link.

Find out more at ingdirect.com.au/momoneymofun


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