Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Usually, most people tend to feel stressed about the 24th of December every year. The family is coming, in the oven there is a special meal cooking that must not burn and…. have you thought to buy a present for everyone? To make your holiday more relaxing and give you the time for your loved ones we present you a list of gifts that could enlighten the heart of car lovers.

Blackberry P 9983

Once the German Car manufacturer Porsche run an advertisement in Germany saying: “Over 100 years cars make independent, just one makes you addicted”. It was for the most famous car they have ever produced – the 911. This car combines everything Porsche stands for. Elegance combined with strong power – the remains and remembrances of a glorious past racing history. The 911 has probably won every race from LeMans to Paris – Dacar. Not even the accomplishments were legendary, the round top and the long front were always easily recognisable among a thousand cars.

These characteristics Porsche wants to put in a smartphone so in cooperation with Blackberry the P9983 was produced. This could be a perfect gift for Porsche lovers as well as businessmen who need to have a permanent companion in their pocket but don’t want to relinquish style.

Price: Around $1800

Purchase here


Scuderia Ferrari P200 Headphones

For Formula1 fans headphones like this could be a present that make you feel like being in the middle of the race standing in the box of the Scuderia. And while being in lead your driver gets into the box to get the wheels changed it’s your charge to plan the strategy for the next couple of rounds.

These headphones are a perfect gift for people who like to play racing games on the computer or a console and probably also have a gaming wheel to make them feel as if they were a racing driver themselves.

Also, the look fits to every outfit and makes it possible to listen to your favorite music on the streets. Wherever you are – a Ferrari fan can take his favorite brand wherever he goes with this gift.

Price: $250

Purchase here.

Ferrari headphones

Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition Loafers – Black

Theses shoes bring Italian style to your home. Lamborghini and Pirelli worked together for this item of clothing that makes everyone scream “Mama mia!”. The top is made of rubberised calf skin and the “Y motif on the apron reproduces the shape of the rear lights on the” Aventador, as Lamborghini claims themselves.

When comfort meets looks and quality this pair of shoes is not only stylish but also a practical gift for people who like to live the Italian way of life. Also, theses shoes offer the same traction you know from Pirelli tyres to get always safe where your feet shall carry you.

Price: Around $595

Purchase here.

Lamborghini shoes

Tesla Golf Bag

A perfect gift for someone who loves the nature is the Tesla golf bag. Not only allows this bag the person to get outside and play the 18 hole course only hitting hole-in-ones, it also is offered by the number one electric car company. Tesla’s goal is to produce sportive cars that do not pollute the air by using electric engines.

In this bag there can be put seven clubs and eight additional pockets make it possible to carry everything you need for a successful round of golf. The bag can stand on its own due to standing legs.

Price: Around $245

Purchase here.

Tesla bag

Jaguar Black Perfume

Get the flair of the legendary E-Type on your skin. Jaguar produced a fragrant, that makes it possible to be a british gentleman yourself. Top notes are mandarin orange, bitter orange and granny smith apple, while the middle notes are carried by geranium, nutmeg, sea water, cardamom and tea.

When using this perfume you probably will want to wear black leather driving gloves, a scarf, pilot sunglasses and a coat that emphasizes your gentleman attitude.

Price: Around $40

Purchase here.

Jaguar perfume

Portable Car Adaptable Hammock

There are so many great spots to visit in Australia. Great ocean road, sunshine coast, or Kakadu National Park. Just imagine how great it is to travel there knowing you can enjoy all of those views in a comfortable hammock. For having this experience you just need two things: The hammock and a car. This construction needs to be attached to your car and will carry the weight of two people. Don’t forget to have a cold drink with you to have the best chill you could imagine.

Price: Around $400

Purchase here. 

Car hammock

Race Driver Training

Sebastien Loeb, Michael Schumacher or Peter Brock are icons in their own racing classes. You can also follow their tracks. During a race coaching they will learn what it means to be a professional motorsports athlete. Finding the right breakpoint, pushing the throttle to the ground and exhausting the sixth gear – there is no way this can’t be fun.

Besides the unforgettable memory you will give as a present the knowledge that can be recited every time the presentee watches a race in TV with friends or sits with them on the racetrack.

Further, a training like this makes it easier to anticipate dangerous situations and how to handle them when being under pressure in the car.

Cost: Depending on vendor.

GPS Navigation System

Since there are holidays around Christmas and you probably are going on a bigger trip you’d like to have a good GPS navigation system that leads you to the destination of your choice.

What distinguishes a cheap from an expensive navigation system are the features it offers. Many cheap ones don’t offer congestion warnings while a surcharge makes it able to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth, it is easier to get more recent card material and update the navigation system or it is possible to add cards you can download online for example for different countries. Another difference is if the device can be connected to your board computer. In this case directions are given via the radio. That means you can’t get distracted by music or news since the navigation will always turn down the volume in order to make sure you get the right directions.

Price: From $70

Purchase: Ebay, Electronic Stores or any online store


A Set Of New Tyres

Most drivers care about the carcass or the engine of their car. But what literally drives the car forward are tyres. Not only depends the car performance like fuel consumption on the tyres’ quality and condition, also important factors as road safety are influenced by the choice of tyres. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.5mm but it is recommended to change tyres when they reach a level of 3mm.

Most people hate changing tyres because of the complicated process. But nowadays it is easier than ever. Just search for an online distributor like Tyroola. There you can search for the right tyre. After the purchase your tyres will be delivered to a fitting station nearby. You only need to leave the house to get the tyres fitted.

Tyres will be both: an unconventional but also very useful gift that makes the receiver think about you every time the person uses the car.

Price: From $200$

Purchase here.


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