How Chivas Regal Extra Is Helping The World

Chivas Regal is one of those whisky brands you want to love. It’s been around forever and is syonymous with style and just general good taste.

Pollinate Energy is the Australian global finalist in a “for the good of the world” competition, which this year has been sponsored by Chivas Regal. They’re working together to make some alcohol-fuelled magic happen.

They’re calling their latest venture together The Venture, which is an international competition designed to find the people and ideas that will change the world. By doing this, they open the doors to a whole new load of folks who have a chance to win a share of US$1 million in funding and expert support, which would help them expand much faster.

  • PROBLEM: With 24% of its population in the dark, there are more than 304 million people living without electricity in India.
  • SOLUTION: Pollinate Energy is attempting to solve this problem by selling affordable solar lights and replacing dirty, dangerous, ineffective and relatively expensive kerosene lamps currently in use.

As the Australian representative for the global finals (includes 27 finalists from around the world) of Chivas Regal’s ‘The Venture,’ co-founder Emma Colenbrander is hoping to inspire and support a future generation of social entrepreneurs across the globe. With funding, Pollinate aims to expand to more urban slums, providing smarter solar technology to urban dwellers and ultimately reduce harmful fumes omitted from kerosene lamps – the main light source of India’s poor. With the likes of Chivas Regal Extra and its sensationally flavoured Scotch Whisky behind it, the project will totally go far.

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