Chivas has partnered with designer Andrew Simpson to try something new

Chivas has a special following. For those of good whisky taste and with a palette to appreciate what it’s about, the Chivas name is synonymous with style, older world vibes and the kind of luxuriousness we’re not all afforded. Until now…

They’ve partnered with a guy called Andrew Simpson of famed industrial design house Vert Design to spruce it all up a bit and what he’s done is genuinely pretty nice.

Andrew has created a bespoke whisky tumbler that enhances the whisky experience and celebrates the 85 unique flavour notes found in a single drop of award-winning Chivas 18. The glasses will be available to experience in leading bars in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from 15 November.

Simpson’s tumbler features a clear, pineapple-textured, base which is reminiscent of British crystal, allowing the drinker to see the rich colour of the whisky.

“The Venetian design is incredibly craft-based which allowed us to use certain techniques and textures that highlight the luxury and quality of Chivas 18. It’s a generous and beautiful way to shape and add colour to the glass,” he said.

“Glassware is a study of light, geometry, and the stability of material. Through this, we can create something that is not only beautiful but functional.”

The bowl and lip are cobalt blue – a colour synonymous to Chivas 18. The design is complemented by a narrow rim, which aligns flawlessly with the lips and a flame polished lid which traps the evoking aromas of the whisky. These elements combine to create the perfect sip, a true appreciation of the craft and generosity in the glass of Chivas 18. Check it out below.

Chivas Regal blue tumbler

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