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Like chicken? Love Chargrill Charlie’s

Chargrill Charlie’s is one of those Sydney institutions that once you discover, you won’t want to go without.

They do chicken, but they also do so much more.

There are nine stores around Sydney that have been humming along since 1989 and have aided in carving out a good name for the business with Sydneysiders from the west to the east and everything in-between.

Its super relaxed inside each of the venues, which probably aids in its popularity, sporting exposed brick walls, an open, glass covered servery, easy DIY tables and settings and lighting that highlights the food without being too offensive, making it worthwhile sitting-in for the onslaught. Now that Uber Eats is a thing, too, their business has burgeoning with almost as many brown paper bags of take away at the ready as there as customers in any given store around the city.

It’s quick, easy, delicious and offers a pretty cracking range of options for the discerning easy weeknight diner when the kitchen isn’t calling you.

They do whole chickens, salads, dinner packs, other hot food like schnitzels and potatoes, rolls, burgers and even whip-up their own house made pickles and sauces to keep things interesting. Not to mention, their pulled beef, which is sensationally beefy, sticky, sweet and delicious you won’t want it to end.

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