How to get all the chicken you need in an instant

Chargrill Charlie’s has quickly commanded its own slice of the chicken restaurant pie in Sydney, working with nine stores around the city that are now that much easier to order from than ever before.

The new Chargrill Charlie’s mobile wallet app make ordering dinner after work, or lunch on an easy weekend a breeze with a simple walk-in, walk-out type ordering process that puts the power – and ease of not having to carry any cash! – in your hands.

The process is simple: you download the app here, select your store, walk in, take a ticket and order, tell them you’re paying with your new mobile wallet and leave. The whole process takes about 10 minutes and couldn’t be easier. They people behind the counter look you up, hit a button and you’re done.

If the simplicity of it all isn’t enough, furthermore, you can also earn points to redeem for in-store credit.

For serious chicken lovers, once you have reached a certain spend you will unlock Gold Status, opening up a range of exclusive benefits. If that isn’t enough, also, the first 1000 users of the app will also receive a free $20.00 credit in addition to accumulating 10 points for ever dollar spent.

And yes, that is the feeling of your chicken-eating dreams coming true.

Find out more at the Chargrill Charlie’s website.

Chargrill Charlies mobile wallet app 1



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