Chapel Street’s New Bar, Roc’s Jam Factory

Chapel Street is set to welcome a new premium bar, Roc’s Jam Factory, officially opening its doors on 15 July! Get excited.

It’s about time the arterial strip of Melbourne’s southeast got a new addition worth talking about and it now has it. Located in the heart of South Yarra, the new venue is set to be an iconic hot spot for locals and connoisseurs, boasting a range of hand-selected wines, world-class liqueurs and artisanal beers.

The creative list of cocktails is segmented into five categories:

+ sweet

+ bitter

+ sour

+ dry

+ strong

The dining menu features flavours from around the globe, with an offering of dishes designed to share, prepared fresh with the best local and imported ingredients.

Check it out here.

Hive - Village Roc's1986

Hive - Village Roc's2016

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