It’s time to #ChangeOurGame on Gender Equality in sport (Sponsored)

So, what makes men so much better than women? Intelligence? Barely. Is it strength? Nah, not really. What about physical attributes? Hardly. Then what is it that is so engrained in society and our inherent understanding of masculinity that means women are paid less, respected less and often treated lesser than men, just because of the gender they’re born with?

Sure, it has something to do with the rich Western history, steeped in white male dominance and female subjugation, but in this day and age, the fact – even the thought – that this is still a possibility enough to affect the difference in life standards between men and women is so strange.

So the Victorian Government and VicHealth have launched video projects to make as big a point as they do in the above short video about gender equality: it’s necessary.

It was only recently that the AFL permitted women to play Australian Rules Football, which is a step forward. However, as the statement in the video suggests, how long will it take for other, much greater, much more international bodies of sporting organisations around the world to register women as valid participants in group sports, all their own?

In research by Vic Health, over 44% of women selectively opt to participate in non-organised physical activity, whereas 9% choose organised activities such as sports. It’s easy to see why the percentage is so low when the opportunities aren’t as abundant for women. But things are changing. With campaigns like these videos to bring the agenda front-and-centre and the likes of Women In Sport that is influencing sports, schools, local councils and national government to ensure sport is open to women, it’s only a matter of time until it’s all equal.

Campaigning for equality in sport – from more women around the Board table, to equal pay and more women able to play sport, we won’t have to wait long.

Women running

This post is supported by Vic Health, but opinions are our own. 


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