Cha Li Boi Bondi Junction

Cha Li Boi is awesome Asian food in Bondi Junction

Cha Li Boi is the new venture from Nahji Chu, creator and brains behind Miss Chu, the chain of Vietnamese rice paper roll tuckshops that became a staple in Sydney and Melbourne’s casual dining scene and whose empty takeaway boxes were so often a fixture in many a kitchen.

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The so-called “dumpling house” in Bondi Junction is anything but traditional – which is fine if you aren’t a stickler for the authentic – and is nestled above Easts Leagues Club. To say it’s ‘nestled’ might imply it’s a cosy space, whereas it’s actually far from it. Think a 285-seat-strong dining room, huge kitchen pumping out little tidbits and a stylish private dining room for the more intimate affair.

If you want dumplings, Cha Li Boi’s got all the ones you need: sticky, gluten-free, rice-wrapped dumplings and Pac Man-style dumplings are outstanding.

Cha Li Boi Bondi Junction dumplings cocktail

If you don’t like dumplings, though, the mushroom and mung bean vegan sliders, egg fried wild rice, or the DIY peking duck pancakes might fill your order. Or, Cha Li Boi also does traditional yum cha, should you wish to opt for the basic route. They pride themselves on offering sustainable seafood and local ingredients, so you can check-off those boxes, too.

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Perfect for boozy birthdays and celebrations, Cha Li Boi serves champagne by the glass, as well as offering a bubble tea machine as part of its cocktail menus, which boasts coconut slushies and – a party favourite – long island iced tea, with a twist.

Something we haven’t seen before in Australia’s dining scene is Cha Li Boi’s wedding banquet dinner: for $55pp diners can wait for a specifically designated ‘wedding party table’, which, once eight guests are seated, becomes a pop-up wedding party, featuring a Lazy Susan stuffed with spring rolls and sui buns, plus polaroid pic galore – it’s a guaranteed memorable night out.

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Cha Li Boi Bondi Junction dumplings cocktails martini

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Cha Li Boi Bondi Junction dumplings Chinese food

Cha Li Boi Bondi Junction dumplings champagne

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