Celebrate Year of the Rooster at Spice Temple Sydney

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster for Lunar New Year, Spice Temple Sydney will be presenting a special Chinese New Year banquet menu from 23 January to 5 February.

Neil Perry and Head Chef Andy Evans have created this special menu incorporating ingredients that promote health, wealth and prosperity during the New Year festivities.

“Food is the cornerstone of Chinese New Year celebrations so in the spirit of festivities, we’ve created the perfect celebratory menu featuring a range of new dishes and interesting flavours that are uniquely Spice Temple,” says Evans.

For wealth

Pickled roma cherry tomatoes with chilli oil and dark soy Sichuan pickled cucumbers and shitake.

For prosperity

Raw tuna with spicy orange and iceberg.

For happiness

Hunan style soy beef and beetroot salad with crispy noodles.

For money

Stir fried spanner crab with mung bean noodles, salted red and pickled green chilli.

For fortune

Pippies with pork and Shaoxing wine.

For longevity

Stir fried wagyu brisket with lucky money dumplings and baby eggplant

For harmony

Roast pork belly with hot sweet and sour sauce.

For rejuvenation

8 treasure stir fried vegetables, Steamed Jasmine rice.

For love

Caramel ice cream with praline.

Priced at $95 per person, the Chinese New Year menu will be available at lunch and dinner.  A wine match for each dish will be available for an additional $55 per person.

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