Hotel review: Ovolo Southside, Hong Kong

When you think of Hong Kong, you think of food, great hospitality, a big inner-city urban Asian sprawl and enough of an expat culture to mistake yourself as being in Melbourne. That’s exactly what it is. However, it’s not until you scratch the surface of Hong Kong and wriggle underneath its multicultural skin that you […]

Travelling in style? 5 luxury experiences in Australia to travel to by private jet

Offering some of the most stunning attractions and places to visit, arguably many of which are worthy of being amongst the Seven Wonders of the World, Australia has an array of heavenly sites to visit all year round. From the Great Barrier Reef, to Ayers Rock, and the Sydney Opera House to Bondi Beach, the […]

Get me to the Greek

For the history buff, the natural beauty buff or just the awesome holiday making buff, Greece ticks so many boxes it’s shorter to make a list of things it doesn’t have to offer. The Greeks brought to us some of the best bits that we know in the world today: democracy, a lot of the English language and […]

The Knickerbocker by The Leading Hotels of the World

Such a grand name for such a grand hotel. A little bit 50s in name, the hotel is a lot modern century in game, bringing the best bits of a collaboration between The Knickerbocker Hotel by Leading Hotels of the World and Ted Gibson stylist of Ted Gibson Salon. Named Style Curator for the iconic hotel, the […]

A Vespa kind of mood

Photography by Marc Buckner, styling by Iyan Difuntorum, modelling by Ollie Peake. C. THE F 2015.

Milan in Melbourne; that’s the Vespa way. As perfect for a weekend away as it is a weekend zipping around town, the Vespa is – and has been for decades – at the pinnacle of the quick-and-easy scooting world, celebrating ease of freedom and movement that we all never find the time for. Recently though […]

Melbourne’s Ovolo Laneways

Celebrating all that is good in Melbourne in terms of design, culture, colour and individualistic expression, the Ovolo Laneways Hotel in Melbourne’s theatre district is one of the city’s most beautiful new additions. It’s shiny and relatively new, celebrating the Melburnian subcultures, boutiques and creative surrounds while appealing to every – not only – traveller’s, […]

Pei Modern, Sydney’s Four Seasons

For about the past three months, head Chef Mark Best of the newly refurbished and freshly invigorated Four Seasons Hotel restaurant in Sydney, Pei Modern, has been turning tables and keeping the guests both of the hotel and greater Sydney hugely entertained. He’s not a singer, dancer or actor, but manages to inject – in a […]

Driving the Honda Jazz

Got car, will drive. The weekend was a perfect excuse to down tools and disappear for a night, taking Honda’s latest instalment of its renowned Jazz model automatic car to the roads, paying the luscious and reclusive Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region a visit. If you read our Valentine’s Day weekend away guide, you’ll see […]

Escaping with Paklite

It’s not often a bag quite as big as the Paklite is so incredibly light, but strong at the same time that you can cram an entire weekend away’s worth of necessities into it. Enter the Paklite Escape category, one of the most innovative and wonderful members of the Paklite family. While most travellers love large […]

A Valentine’s Day Weekend Like No Other

With Valentine’s Day weekend but four days away, those of us who’re a little bit slower in getting off the mark need to get cracking. We feel for you, and so, have put together – with the great help of our friends at Honda and the tourism operations of the Daylesford & Macedon Ranges – […]