WSI X Lagerfeld

By Michael Briones.  Karl Lagerfeld. That’s all you need to hear (or read) to know the expectations at one of his launch events. His name goes side-by-side with quality, sophistication and fashion-forwardness together in his products, and this evening we see him launch his Summer 2014 watch collection. The new WSI Store in Sydney QVB […]

Fossil’s 30th Year

Like any other 30th, this one’s one to celebrate. Truthfully, it’s probably made a bigger deal of than is likely necessary but the thing with this one is that it offers something cooler than drink-after-drink and horrible music from decades past; it offers a celebration of over three decades of bringing vintage style to the wrists of wearers, which […]

The Sort of Black Gold

By Michael Briones.  Some of the worlds finest watches come out of Europe, and this time we see a collection that blurs the lines between fine quality at an affordable price. Every year TRIWA release two collections per year, and Belancé boutique in Sydney took host once again for TRIWA’s 2014 release titled Sort of […]

Mr. Porter’s Bremont Codebreaker

The guys behind the Bremont watch brand have really hit a doozy when it comes to one of their latest addition to their collection of wrist watches for the more stylishly discerning gentleman, the Bremont Codebreaker watch. With a genuine slice of history, the British Bremont boys Nick and Giles English have harked back to […]