3 destinations you should add to your bucket list

Night scene of Nanjing road in Shanghai

Traveling is something that more and more people want to do before they die. Veer off the beaten path and think about adding these places to your “must-visit” list: Aussie getaway: Lord Howe Island National Geographic named this crescent-shaped island in the Tasman Sea as one of their “places of a lifetime”. It’s a quick […]

The fashionista’s guide to reorganising your wardrobe and keeping it that way

Hands Of Young Woman In A Wardrobe

So, if you’re anything like me and like to buy a lot of bags, shoes and clothes yet find it hard to know how to organise them, then continue reading. Perhaps your partner is sick of the amount of space you require to house your vast collection or maybe your wardrobe is looking untidy and […]

Important factors to consider when organising an event

Group of friends dancing and having fun together

Organising an event is always a daunting job and you cannot pull it off on your own. Here, the situation calls for skilled and committed manpower, because any of your missteps could bring a bad end to your plans and programmes. Whether it is an event to launch your new clothing line or of sports, […]

5 tips for revitalising your home life

Mother watching daughter hammer nail into wood trim

When you’ve lived in one place for a long time, it can often become tiresome to wake up every day in the same surroundings. A once interesting and whimsical array of furniture and decorations fades into the background, and it becomes a real effort to appreciate your home for what it once was. This is […]

5 things to consider when buying a new car

Rear view of young couple driving car

Break open the champagne and high-fives all round! The time has finally arrived for you to start thinking about that much dreamed about new car. The roads are full of tempting delights whizzing past you like sparkling gems of all colours and you have, in all likelihood, changed your mind repeatedly as to which brand, […]

Cooking with different types of whiskey

Glass of Whiskey with Ice

Although certainly not anywhere near as popular as other cooking alcohols like wine or brandy, whiskey is highly underrated as an ingredient, providing an excellent flavour boost to a wide variety of dishes.   It’s the chemical properties of whiskey that make it such a good flavour enhancer, bringing out the salty freshness of seafood, […]

Best ways horse riding is good for you

Man on horseback in rural landscape, New South Wales, Australia

There are few things considered sacred in the dating world these days, but if you’re a sucker for adventure, there’s nothing quite as heart-meltingly wooing as a scenic horse ride. And also, beneficial, apparently! Sure, there’s gym, but when a service like Scenic Horse Riding in NSW and their Sydney horse riding centre exists, why […]

5 ways Tohoku tops Tokyo for a holiday (sponsored post)

With countries like Japan, you’d be forgiven for thinking that as a tourist, you’d easily run the risk of walking the beaten path by the millions of tourists from around the world that have visited before you. Sure the Shibuya Crossing is a laugh, Mount Fuji is worth a spectacle and the Geisha are a tradition […]

Essential car safety tips

Man driving car in the sunset

Clearly, we’ve all heard enough of these to last a lifetime from both friends and family alike about always putting your seatbelt on to avoiding rash driving, but unfortunately it isn’t enough. The disturbing stats about how many thousands of people die from road accidents year after year is proof of that fact plus if […]

Why you need professional help in your renovation projects

Kitchen under construction during remodel

  Owning a home is a rewarding experience but it comes with its set of challenges. With time, your home needs renovations and repairs in order to eliminate any nonfunctional entities and more importantly, to suit your ever changing needs and lifestyle.   As important as it is to understand that your home will need […]

Top 5 Places To Skate In Sydney

Penny Skateboards

Skating has been around for about as long as people have longed to not have to walk (and surfers were bored in the off-season), so it’s no surprise you see it everywhere! And these days, with so many skateboarding location options and what to do it on, such winning choices of board like the really […]

Ovation of the Seas a Culinary Wonder

Gourmet Getaways the-f.com.au

Ovation of the Seas a Culinary Wonder.