Have you created your bucket list yet? Here’s what should be on it

Boy and girl jumping in sand dunes, Green Head, Western Australia, Australia

The first time I Googled Bucket List was when I watched the promo of The Bucket List – starring my favourite Morgan Freeman and of course, the one and only Jack Nicholson. I wondered what it could be and then Google said it’s just a simple list of your wishes. That amazed me right away since […]

Why protecting your iPhone with leather is the only way

Girl on her iPhone

There’s something inherently wrong with people, right? We buy expensive things and treat them terribly! Cars, we crash; furniture, we break; and phones, we smash! Which is why there is such a movement out there to make not only indestructible mobile phones and other tech, but indestructible cases that we use to protect them from, […]

Top 5 best actors in the world and why

Hollywood Sign

It is very difficult to select the top 5 best actors in the world. What is the criteria that is used to select. And the worst part is each person has their own standards. For the action movie fan this list would comprise mainly of action heroes. Gamblers would lean towards actors who starred in […]

The future of flooring: Durabase Matting

Durabase mat flooring

It’s called ‘black gold’ by many, has made the Middle East one of the most prized regions on the face of the earth and is something Australia is still capitalising on in its own way: oil. Without it – and more importantly without the capability to reach and farm it – the world and Oz […]

4 lighting options you should consider to enhance your property in 2017

Modern house illuminated at night

Consider giving your interior a makeover by redesigning the lighting layout throughout your property. Introducing different lighting colours, brightness and spectrum angles can really change the ambiance of your room. Here a few lighting design options that you should consider in 2017. EVA LED light If you want more flexibility with your lighting options without […]

Pipes and plumbing: what the noises in your pipes are telling you

Modern bathroom detail

Are your pipes making odd noises? If so, this could mean that there is something wrong with your plumbing. Of course, plumbing makes noises all of the time, but there are some sounds that should cause greater concern than others. Below, we are going to take a look at some of the common plumbing noises […]

5 genius ways to weatherproof your home

Modern house with large patio and swimming pool

Preparing your home for any extremes in weather is a great way to increase the energy efficiency in your home and simultaneously decrease your bills. Sometimes, it’s not the best option to keep the freezing air con or the energy-sucking heater running all day long. We’ve compiled 5 genius ways that you can weatherproof your […]

3 things to get out of a visit to Okinawa (Sponsored)

Okinawa is one magical place. So magical in fact, they’ve made movies about it and it’s renowned around the world as being the one place that actually holds the key to prolonged youth regardless of age. Sounds good, right? If you don’t know that much about Japan, you’ll be curious to learn that Okinawa is the […]

Travel from New York to Australia

The 12 Apostles rock formation in Port Campbell National Park, a major Australian natural landmark on the Great Ocean Road. A long exposure of the 12 Apostles taken at night.

How many times have you heard a fellow senior friend say, “I’m too old to travel”? Maybe you thought it, too. However, this simply isn’t true. Just as no-one is too old to experience new things, no-one is too old for an international adventure either. While you physically may not be able to climb to […]

5 reasons Okinawa should be your next holiday destination

Shuri Castle's Una Forecourt at the Seiden Main Hall in Naha on Japan's Okinawa Island

There’s not much you wouldn’t be impressed to see in Okinawa, Japan’s tropical southern island prefecture. Did you know it’s the only place on earth where in excess of 900 centenarians (people over 100 years of age) live? It’s true. Did you know it’s the birthplace of karate? If you ever watched ‘Karate Kid’, you’d […]

Top 5 Affordable City Cars

Small car purchase

Driving in the city is a tough slog, but one of the necessary evils in life. Cars are handy, can take you away but can sure cost a bit from time-to-time. However the benefits far outweigh the cost and in fact, it turns out it’s the cost that can often hold people back from the […]

Tips on handling your excess baggage like a pro

Packing for vacation

Want to go on a holiday, but have too much baggage you want to bring with you? Standard. Up until now, the luxury of bringing as much luggage as you’d like would’ve slugged you with few for the airlines to take it, but now, that’s not the case anymore. World Baggage, an excess baggage company, […]