5 steps toward a more lavish outdoors

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There was a time when the backyard was a place you would only venture into at weekends to do a little gardening and tidying up when necessary. The garden was just a piece of land tacked onto your house that you felt obliged to keep looking tidy just so that the neighbours wouldn’t complain. But […]

5 ways to reclaim the comfort of your lounge

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We live life at a frantic pace, filled with appointments, bookings, to-ing and fro-ing; Unsurprisingly, we appear to be more stressed than ever before! One of the key suggestions to chilling out more is to find a way to de-stress. For many people, de-stressing -or, chilling out- comes quite naturally. Chuck on an episode of […]

5 tips for livening up your outdoor areas

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Australia is a country of outdoor dwellers. We love spending time in our yards with friends and family. When the summer weather arrives, everybody sets up their garden furniture on the patio and the hazy, lazy afternoon cookouts begin. It is one of the reasons why many Australians dread the transition into winter. When temperatures […]

Pesky pest problems – 4 tips for dealing with common household infestations

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There is plenty to look forward to when winter arrives in Australia. For one thing, it signals the start of the countdown to Christmas, with its joyous parties, gifts, and family dinners. It is a time when households take stock of what they have and who they want to share it with. Winter is a […]

3 steps to change careers without having to quit your day job

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We all know the feeling. You get the job and you’re stoked. Then you start work and it’s all great. After a while, the lustre wears off and before you know it, BAM, you’re rocking up to work, hating the fact you’re there and thinking about nothing but getting out of there. It’s typically mostly associated with […]

DIY steps to pressure wash your windows

Cleaning windows could be a very tiring and long process if not done correctly. The fact is that no one can bear dirty windows. When they are dirty, they give a very unpleasant feeling. The process of cleaning windows should not become a burden on you. If you have the right tips and tools, the […]

It’s time to #ChangeOurGame on Gender Equality in sport (Sponsored)

So, what makes men so much better than women? Intelligence? Barely. Is it strength? Nah, not really. What about physical attributes? Hardly. Then what is it that is so engrained in society and our inherent understanding of masculinity that means women are paid less, respected less and often treated lesser than men, just because of […]

Smart tips to keep your important personal effects safe and organised

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We’ve all got those special things in life we don’t want ruined or stolen—jewellery, electronics, passports, mementos and so on. But gone are the days keeping them strewn around the house is a safe option. It used to be the case that people were once too proper and cautious to enter someone’s house without knocking. Now, […]

Is doing your end of tenancy cleaning yourself a good idea?

Cleaning the house

Image: Courtesy Imagine this, your lease has almost ended, you have already decided where you are going to move, everything is packed, all the paperwork for the new property is done, and right at that moment you find out that you cannot end the lease agreement without cleaning the place up and restoring it to […]

Dreaming about cars? Don’t do anything without consulting Motoring.com.au

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There are many great things in this world, but none of them are quite as great as that new car feeling. So if you’re thinking about adopting a new four-wheeled family member, there are a lot of things you should consider. Sure you can read car reviews that litter the internet, but there’s only one with real […]

4 ways to prepare yourself for purchasing a new car

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There’s no denying the thrill of buying a brand new car. Whether it is haggling with the dealer, taking a nifty little speedster out for a test drive, or signing those all important documents, making such a big decision is exciting. Yet, it takes knowledge and awareness to secure a great deal. You have got […]

Need more nature? Visit the Phillip Island Nature Parks (sponsored post)

Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, Australasia

There’s nothing quite so grounding as seeing the world operate as it should. Animals do their thing, the oceans ebb and flow, the skies change and all the while, the world keeps spinning without any interference from man. It’s nice to go back to those roots occasionally. Turns out there are lots of places around the […]