Leaking roof? Here are the most common causes

Leaking roof

Whether your roof is two years old or twenty check your roof regularly to avoid leaking roofs. Even one small drip can lead to a larger roofing issue and roofing issue means an investment of time and money. Here we have compiled a list of common sources of roof leaks to save your time and […]

7 ways to keep your house cool and comfortable this summer

Keep home cool interior

Keeping your house at a reasonable temperature can sometime seem impossible with all of the heat waves that batter Melbourne from November to February, but there are many ways to keep your house at a reasonable temperature without boosting your electricity bills through the roof. The airflow through your house can make an impressive difference, […]

5 quick tips for stress-free Christmas shopping

Christmas bauble

Do you wait until the last minute to go Christmas shopping? Do the crowds in Melbourne and Sydney, who are also Christmas shopping, upset you? If so, you are not alone. There are multiple people that dread the holiday season due to stress. Christmas presents are not meant to stress a person out. The process […]

The BBQ buyer’s guide – Tasty tips for finding the perfect grill

Man barbecuing

While it may seem peculiar to residents of the northern hemisphere, Christmas in Australia is a time of sunshine, swimming and, yes, a bit of outdoor cooking. For those that are looking to put on the perfect Christmas celebration, having a barbecue that is up to the test is an absolute must. That’s why we’ve […]

What you need to know to set-up utilities in your home

Moving home checklist THE F

Moving into a new place is always fun and exciting (and lots of work!) and it all seems relatively straight-forward, right? Move your things in and start living, surely is all that’s needed? Wrong. What about utilities? Water, electricity, gas; the works? Forgetting to set all this up prior can leave you to a few […]

Keep your home safe with DIY security

Clean home house interior

Keeping your place secure can be rough these days. Especially when there are so many unscrupulous out there who’d do anything to help themselves to your stuff. You can make some simple changes like this, or take it up a notch and invest in some serious measures. See below… Source: ForRent.com

Australian at-home care and recovery is the best from CarePilot

Care Pilot man in wheelchair leaving hospital

It’s an undeniable truth that as we age, our bodies begin to give out, our mind gets fuzzy, our eyes go hazy and our hair goes grey, but those truths aside, it doesn’t mean it’s all bad. A lot of people post-70 report a richer, more diverse life with a greater amount of variety than […]

Tips to make the most of this Melbourne Cup Race Day

Melbourne Cup race track in Flemington on a sunny day

Tips to make the most of this Melbourne Cup race day can really help a lot of people involved. When it comes to horse racing, it really is hard to beat the Melbourne Cup. This 3,200 metre race can still feel like it is over in an instant, which is more or less how a […]

Common car problems and how to fix them

Car problem under bonnet hood

Like all other machinery, cars also sometimes face mechanical problems. Being subjected to rough conditions on the roads, small problems are common in vehicles. While it is true that only a professional mechanic can guarantee a complete fix, being aware about the common problems is becoming increasingly necessary. Not having the basic knowledge about the […]

Oktoberfest in Australia: How to celebrate the World’s best Beer Festival

Oktoberfest Germany beer festival

Oktoberfest is fast approaching and that means Beer, laughs and a whole lot of Lederhosen, but what do we know about it past Beer & Lederhosen, and how do you celebrate it in Australia? What is it? Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volkfest (Beer Festival) and is held annually in Munich, Bavaira, Germany since 1810, […]

4 benefits of a driving instructor

Driving lessons instructor3

New drivers don’t have good experience when it comes to driving on roads. Teen drivers should have a good bank of experience to the tune of at least 10 to 12 months before they start driving independently. Parents have to be careful about their child’s driving technique and training attitude, too, because a lazy approach […]

TYLT’s Flipstick vs Flipcard: What’s the difference?

Moto G5 mobile phone THE F 5

The Flipstick and Flipcard are the perfect accessories to keep your smartphone charged and are the latest in must-have accessories for any tech lover. If you are looking at the Flipstick versus Flipcard, check out the advantages of both and see what’s best for you. Flipstick offers compact power for the busy traveller When you […]