Do you know what you’re in for? Understanding the risks of gambling online in Australia

Online casino gambling

When you decide to gamble on line in Australia, there are plenty of risks. Some of them are specific to iGaming down under, others are just risks that players from any nation face. In this article, we’re going to look at some of these risks and ways to stay safe when gambling online. The risk […]

A sailor’s guide to anchoring

Disaronno Ghost II Sydney Harbour Cruise

As a sailor, you probably know the basics about anchoring, but you may not know how to produce a natural swing or how to stop one from occurring. It all has to do with the boat mooring and anchoring style you choose. Before you settle on just one style, you should pay attention to the […]

See inside Japan’s Ehime region of relaxation (Sponsored)

Dogo Onsen bath house

There are many things Japan is known for. From their food, to their hard-working ethics, to their kimonos, Geisha and onsen, it’s a country of one crazy-rich history and culture that is propagated all around the world. But going there is a completely different experience altogether. Sure, a visit to somewhere like Okinawa is one […]

The top 7 destinations to visit in Australia this summer

Australia open sea adventure THE F 1

Warm sand, blissful sunshine, and unforgettable landscapes are basically Australia. So it’s no surprise we spend so many hours a week by the ocean or on the sand. Here are some of the country’s best beachy destinations for when summer hits. Byron Bay, NSW Are you looking for the centre of boho-hippie-lifestyle in Australia? Then […]

Where to stay in Sydney for every budget

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Sydney view

Who doesn’t love Sydney? The weather is warm for most of the calendar year, it’s built around the renowned Harbour, is one of the oldest places in Australia and is growing like no city in Australia has grown before. But, where do you stay when you’re visiting?  Here’s some advice on budget-friendly and cheap accommodation […]

4 tips to keep in mind while searching for the best floor sanding service

Modern house illuminated at night

Even though the option of floor sanding is not ideal for every home out there, there is still the fact that it is an extremely cost-effective method towards improving the overall look of your home. Not only does a well-sanded wooden floor add a lot of value to your property, but it is also easy […]

Pharrell Williams & Louis XIII are doing their bit to save the planet (sponsored)

People are ruining the World. It’s a fact. Global warming, pestilence, the sex trade, pollution, lack of recycling… The list is endless. It’s a wonder the Earth hasn’t thrown in the towel and collapsed in on itself entirely. There was a quote in the 2008 film starring Keanu Reaves, The Day the Earth Stood Still that rings […]

The bug battle – 7 tips for defending your home against insects this season

Bug battle insects

Summer is a time for insects of all sizes and shapes to come crawling out of the woodwork and into all of your picnics, soft drinks, houses and cars. This yearly battle with an enemy that numbers in the millions in your neighbourhood alone can be daunting. However, with the right tips and tricks you […]

Why you need to take a holiday to Okinawa in Japan ASAP (sponsored)

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui snorkelling couple

Remember that Japan bubble that took hold of Australia in 2017? It’s still going strong and there is officially more reason than ever to book a ticket and visit a little known, but worth-the-trip prefecture of Japan called Okinawa. South of the Japanese mainland, the little island of the Rising Sun is taking all sorts […]

Top 5 places to spend holidays away in NSW this January

Glamping Hub Nomadic Belle tent

With forced annual leave at plenty of work places, Christmas time off and more of a reason ever to get the hell outta town for a bit for that much-needed R&R, the time to escape is now. And with so many options out there of places to go and call ‘home’ for a few days […]

Bathroom decorating ideas for the thrifty homeowner

Bathroom with black tap features

When decorating around your house or apartment, most people focus on the living room area, bedroom or even the front porch, and seem to leave out a key area in the residence – the bathroom. Regardless of its size, the bathroom needs to be considered with just as much importance as any other room worth […]

5 reasons to take a golfing holiday in northwest Victoria at the RACV Goldfields Resort

RACV Goldfields Resort outside

It’s not often you’d think to take some time out mid-week to head out the back of Melbourne to northwestern Victoria for some quality R&R and holiday time. Though for many RACV Resort-goers that’s exactly the difference between regular ‘time off’ and a seriously quality hit of time away from the hustle and bustle of […]