Movie review: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya shine in the movie of 2018, ‘The Greatest Showman’

Greatest Showman movie FOX Cast

Remember when Baz Luhrmann teamed-up with Leonardo Dicaprio to create the big screen phenomenon that was The Great Batsby back in 2013? Well, there’s now a new production in town vying for top spot and Michael Gracy’s The Greatest Showman isn’t pulling any punches. A visually meaty, delightfully camp, dream-like colourful and musically effervescent production which makes its […]

‘Don’t Tell’ movie is one to see

Movie theatre

Don’t Tell is being called Australia’s Spotlight, and it’s not difficult to see why. Based on a true story, the film depicts the woman known as Lyndal bringing forward a sexual assault case in 2001 against the prestigious Anglican school in Toowoomba where she suffered horrific abuse. Don’t Tell is rare in its accurate portrayal […]

Amy Schumer in ‘Snatched’ is the must-see comedy of 2017

In a word? Ridiculous. However, what else is there to expect from a movie that stars old time classic Goldie Hawn and contemporary stand-up comedienne, Amy Schumer? Utter hilarity. This month’s release of the much-anticipated ‘Snatched’ is an hilarious take on the stigma that often goes with travelling South America, or more specifically, Ecuador. Bag-in-hand, and mother […]

How ‘Table 19’ movie is all of us at weddings

Table 19 Anna Kendrick

You know the feeling. Sure, it’s great to be invited to the wedding of your BFF, family, other friend, that random who you went to secondary school with who needs seat fillers or someone from work with no friends of their own… But is it, really? The adorably ridiculous new movie starring Ann Kendrick (Pitch […]

The Witch Is The Most Chilling Horror Movie In Memory

An exhilaratingly chilling debut, where the piercing points of historical detail in The Witch will coax you to follow the descent of madness and panic of a mid-17th-century family in New England. Adapted from the macabre tales of Puritan folklore, writer-director Robert Eggers lays down the foundation for the famous legend of the 1692 Salem […]