New Shanghai at Emporium Melbourne

If every other Chinese restaurant in Melbourne shut down, there wouldn’t be a problem. New Shanghai would be there to clean-up and keep not just its customers happy, but any and every Chinese-influenced cooking fanatic, newbie or afficionado brimming with gastronomic pleasure. Their menu is out of control: huge, widely optioned, vastly influenced and incredibly tasty. […]

DHL Fashion Scholarship Finalists

DHL is one of the world’s largest logistics and freight company and this year, has announced three Australian finalists for its DHL Fashion Scholarship program. Johnny Schembri of By Johnny, Christopher Esber of his namesake label and Maggie Woods and Lisa Reynolds of Viktoria + Woods are the three finalists who are vying for the chance […]

Dreamgirls at Chapel off Chapel

It’s unequivocally impressive every time to see just how many of the GLBTIQ community seem to manifest on the opening night of a show as camp and scintillatingly glittery as Dreamgirls: the musical. In a performance that does its best with limited means to catapult the audience to a time long since passed and a […]

Huawei P8: Paint the Town Light

When a multi billion dollar Chinese phone company assembles the press of the entire Southeast Asian region in Singapore to celebrate the launch of their new phone; you know it’s really good. Good thing for Huawei, ‘really good’ in an understatement as I learnt and experienced during a three day stint in Singapore where the […]

Who is Penelope Austin?

Hailing from New South Wales, Penelope Austin is fast becoming one of Australia’s biggest musicians to hit the scene – her unique voice has been featured in HBO, her song “A Place To Call Home” was used to promote the Channel 7 drama of the same name, and she’s even collaborated with US producer J.J […]

Smart Coffee Cups by Frank Green

The future of coffee drinking is here! We’re a bit short click-of-a-finger cappuccinos or pill that evolves into a tall skinny latte, but we’re not too far off: the Frank Green SmartCup is arrived and is set to take the world – or maybe just Melbourne and it’s coffee culture – by total caffeinated storm. The SmartCup […]

The Tanqueray Botanical Lounge

Sydney’s autumn-winter weather doesn’t have much to rave about. It’s chilly and windy and sometimes rains for days, but there’s an event that can really light up your night. VIVID Sydney, the festival of light has joined forces with the Tanqueray Botanical Lounge Pop Up Bar in town in music and ideas and this weekend, is […]

Madama Butterfly, a review

Opera Australia Madama Butterfly 4

Whoever said love makes us do crazy things hadn’t met the Madame Butterfly. She throws a whole new perspective on the matter, but in the most adorably disarming way that to a lesser degree, many can relate to. The premier return of the renowned Madama Butterfly is playing at the Melbourne Arts Centre for the month of May, bringing back […]

A sit down with Catalina of Rose Bay


Born of a love for helping people enjoy themselves, Judy McMahon and her partner in business and in life, Michael, opened the Catalina at Sydney’s Rose Bay as an homage to their years of experience in and passion for the hospitality game. They do what they know and love and they always have, mentioned Judy […]

MINI Garage Melbourne Movie Magic

When it comes to MINIs, Melburnians can’t get enough. The MINI Garage in Melbourne has topped the list of top-selling MINI outlets in Australia thanks in large part to Melbourne’s awesome taste in automobiles and German engineering. To celebrate the launch of their latest five-door MINI hatch to the city, MINI threw a lavish VIP […]

The VIVID Sydney Launch

If you’ve ever had fantasies of being in charge of a massive light and laser installation – and let’s face it, who hasn’t? – you absolutely need to head down to Pyrmont and make your way to The Star. Officially the largest precinct of the VIVID Sydney light, music, and ideas festival; Pyrmont and The Star have […]

Sacha Juan for men

I travel a lot. For work, play, just to get away, it’s all good and always welcome. Sadly though, with that comes a lot of packing and unpacking and those pesky (but safe) flight restrictions on liquids, products and the rest of it. Recently though, I discovered a range of handy, travel size hair product companions […]